Ligand-receptor capture with living cell, LRC-TriCEPS by Dualsystems Biotech AG

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Dualsystems Biotech AG is specialized in elucidating protein-protein interactions in the living cells especially at the cell membrane. Dualsystems is a privately held service provider company based in Schlieren (Zurich), Switzerland. Our clients are from big pharma, biotech and academia. We focus on our conceptually new technology for target deconvolution the Ligand-Receptor Capture LRC-TriCEPS™ (CaptiRec Services) platform. The LRC-TriCEPS™ technology is able to identify the unknown targets, off-targets, receptors of your orphan ligand on the living cells and is an excellent tool to investigate the binding partners of your drug candidates. Following orphan ligands can be used: peptides, proteins, antibodies, viruses.

LRC-TriCEPS™ – Ligand-receptor capture

Extracellular signaling:

Ligand-receptor capture technology LRC-TriCEPS™

A novel LC-MS/MS based approach to identify the cell surface receptors and off-targets for a ligand of interest after protein-protein interaction on the living cell. The LRC-TriCEPS technology was invented by Dr. Andreas Frei and Prof. Bernd Wollscheid from the ETH Zurich who published the technology in Nature Biotechnology (Frei et al.(2012) Nature Biotechnology 30:997-1001).

Now a new Version of TriCEPS is available. For more details click here Details

Orphan ligands:

  • Extracellular proteins
  • Peptide ligands
  • Antibodies
  • Viruses
  • Engineered affinity binders

LRC-TriCEPS™ Services (target deconvolution on the living cells)

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CaptiVate Services

Intracellular signaling:

Identification of protein complexes and protein interactions in mammalian cells using a tagged bait

CaptiVate Shotgun Proteomics Services using LC-MS/MSproteomics_services

  • Identification of protein complexes and protein interactions in mammalian cells
  • Profiling of signaling pathways
  •  analysis of post-translational modifications

CaptiVate Services (intracellular signaling on stimuli)